EWS Course and PI Insurance

As you are aware, we continue, together with the Fire Sector Federation, to try and resolve a multitude of issues which have been ‘thrown up’ by the RICS EWS1 form as well as the emergence of the Fire Safety Act (which takes into account external wall systems within the FSO).

On top of these, there is a strong rumour that DHCLG will provide RICS individuals who have passed the RICS course with PI insurance to carry our EWS1 work.  This insurance will have to be applied for by each individual, for each building that they wish to carry out a survey on and is reckoned to be circa £5000.00 for each building surveyed.

Having said that, the letter attached here opens up the RICS course to non RICS members but you will note that restrictions are heavy – you need to be a CEng or IEng to be able to apply.

The way is now open for those members who wish to take advantage of this offer.  Please remember that at present, the course restricts activities for those who pass it to buildings under 11m in height, and only for completion of part A of the form.  If there is any doubt about the building, or there is a cladding system installed, course participants are advised to go seek a fire engineer!

Kind regards
Bob Docherty
President and Chairman Technical Subgroup

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