Council Applications Now Open

Are you passionate about making a difference in our industry and shaping the future of our organisation? Do you have innovative ideas and a desire to contribute to important decision-making processes? If so, consider applying to be a council member. This is a unique opportunity to have a direct impact on the direction and success of our organisation. Your voice and perspective are valuable, and by serving on the council, you can help to drive positive change and growth. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a leader and influencer within the IFSM– apply today and be part of something exciting and rewarding!

Council members are pivotal in shaping and preserving the Institute’s vision, mission, and values. Their active involvement in defining and upholding these ensures alignment with the Institute’s overarching goals. Councils within their sub-groups set, measure, monitor, and adapt objectives, contributing to the Institute’s mission and continued improvement.

Council Members’ contributions will include:

  • Regular Attendance: Council Members attend subgroup meetings, technical meetings, and conferences.
  • Active Contribution: Council Members actively contribute to the Institute’s sub-groups and any Institute-related business they are involved in.
    Contribution to Daedalus: Council Members are expected to contribute to Daedalus via their subgroups.
  • Attendance at Council Meetings: Council Members cannot miss two consecutive Council meetings without providing a valid reason.
  • Current Membership: Council Members will maintain a current and paid-up membership.
  • Institute Support: Where appropriate, it is hoped that Council members use the Institute’s products/services/schemes.
  • Council Procedures: Follow the Council’s procedures for submitting agenda items, booking hotels, requesting event attendance, and developing pathways.

If you have been a member at any grade for three years or more and would like to be involved in the progression and evolution of the Fire Safety Industry, make an application today!

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