Career Pathways for Fire Risk Assessors

We are pleased to share the final production of our document produced by a Careers Pathway subgroup entitled ‘Career Pathways for Fire Risk Assessors’.  Our Skills Competencies and Young Professionals subgroup has been working on this for a number of years but it was shared with Working Group 4 (competencies of fire risk assessors) which came out of the DJH report.  Two members of WG4 who are not members of the IFSM also formed part of the bigger subgroup and the result is the document which has been presented to WG4 and accepted along with the National Framework Standards for Fire Risk Assessors (which was also produced by WG4).

It will also be presented to Government departments and people of influence to show that the industry, and especially the Institute, cares about the career development of fire risk assessors whilst suggesting a clear pathway forward to build up the shortfall and skills gap that we are experiencing in fire risk assessors given the reliance on assessors for carrying out further regulatory functions that are being introduced.

It is hoped that the fire industry will adopt the career pathways model, but we can inform members that we are fully committed to its introduction into the Institute’s system of accreditation, awards,  qualifications and fire risk assessors register (TFRAR) and it was written in a way that it can ‘slot in’ with our future systems.

Our work will start fairly soon on fully integrating the model into the Institute.

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