National Fire Risk Assessors Register

The result has come out of Working Group 4 (fire risk assessor competency), which we have taken one of the most active roles in, produced some time ago the National Framework ACoP for competency in fire risk assessors as part of the completion of its part of the DJH report and has now also launched the national fire risk assessors register which is on the Fire Sector Federation website.

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Members should note that this is a national register so contains all the registrants from all the registers that are ‘out there’ including IFPO, IFE, FRACS etc. For those members who are on our TFRAR register, everyone is listed on the national register together with which Tier level they are registered for.

This is a major achievement for the Institute as we have always campaigned for a national register of fire risk assessors from when we first set up our initial register.

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